Total Impudence! Constitutional Court’s Candidate Borislav Belazelkov Administers Justice in Favour of Private Enforcement Agents (PEA)

Himself Alongside His Sister Ksenia Belazelkova Are Using PEA to Gain Thousands of Acres of Land and Businesman Properties

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Total Impudence! Constitutional Court’s Candidate Borislav Belazelkov Administers Justice in Favour of Private Enforcement Agents (PEA)

With several interpretive decisions of the former judge from the Supreme Court, the moneylenders, the heating companies and the mobile operators are hurting the poor Bulgarian citizens. Is this one going to defend the Constitution, angry citizens ask

Real property kings are the candidate for constitutional judge Borislav Belazelkov and his sister - notary Ksenia Belazelkova, according to a quick check in the property register. Of course, being rich and possessing property is not a sin, especially for lawyers with so much experience, but the cynical thing is that some of the properties on which the family tandem lays hands are seized by the PEA in their favor.


It is even dirtier that in more or less the same time period, in his capacity as a judge at the Supreme Court, Belazelkov came out with a number of interpretive decisions in favor of the skin-eaters of the PEA.


"Judge Belazelkov, who created court practice in favor of creditors and PEA, is retiring. Due to the contradiction in the practice regarding the statute of limitations that arose after its decision, we are now waiting for an interpretive decision of the Supreme Court. With one of his latest decisions, he rendered the peremptory point meaningless, ruling that regardless of the fact that the case was terminated due to the preemption, the PEA should not open a new case and any action of the creditor within the terminated case interrupts the statute of limitations!?!?!?In practice, after his decisions, I stopped pursuing statute of limitations cases, waiting for the interpretive decision of the Supreme Court. After his retirement, there will be justice and predictability in the practice of the Supreme Court", he wrote in a position on the official page of a well-known law firm in 2021.


“Interesting coincidences in the judicial system don't you think? Judge Borislav Belazelkov is the chairman of the panel at the Supreme Court, which will decide the dispute between me and the Supreme Bar Council, related to the large-scale repressive activity in connection with my activity in protecting the rights of borrowers! For your information, Belazelkov is known for his comprehensive work in favor of banks and private bailiffs. It is he who will now have to impartially decide the dispute directly related to the work of the defender of borrowers and debtors! Familiarize yourself with the minutes of the public meeting at the Supreme Court!", Svetlozar Nikolov added in 2018.


Direct and indirect victims of the legal decisions of Borislav Belazelkov and the business scope of his sister - the notary Ksenia Belazelkova are the owners of the company "Aeropak Engineering" (and several related companies) - Lyubomir Peshev, Lyudmil Peshev and Maya Pesheva. Most likely, the three persons are a family running a modest family business, which had the bad luck to encounter a notary-shark, whose brother drives and hangs until soon in the Supreme Court, with the stable support of "Democratic Bulgaria". 


What the nature of the property disputes is will be the subject of an upcoming journalistic investigation. It is clear from the publicly available documents that in 2016, notary Ksenia Belazelkova, through the private bailiff Maria Tsacheva, imposed a lien on the company share of "Aeropak Engineering" due to an obligation amounting to BGN 361,540.36 as of September 7, 2016 .


Whether in connection with the claim in question, or for other cases, in the property register we find 19 pages of properties belonging to the sister of Borislav Belazelkov. 90% of the records indicate that she is a "creditor" and her aforementioned family is a "debtor", and on this occasion she forecloses on them hundreds of acres of land and numerous real estates. We are talking about land and buildings in Burgas, Sofia, Belogradchik, Breznik, Byala Slatina, Elin Pelin, Kavarna, Kozloduy, etc. The foreclosures are so numerous, and the acres and square meters that Ksenia Belazelkova has put her hands on are such large numbers that until the editorial completion of this material, our team will probably not be able to calculate them correctly. In summary, we can say that it concerns hundreds of square meters of apartments and other real estate in one of the most appetizing locations in Bulgaria. Their value can easily be estimated at millions of BGN. And that's without counting the agricultural and other undeveloped land with which the sister of the future constitutional judge was taxed at the expense of Lubomir Peshev, Lyudmil Peshev and Maya Pesheva.


It is curious why their creditor is not only the notary Ksenia Belazelkova, but also the judge Borislav Belazelkov himself. Back in 2007, he was their lender, and the claim was secured by a 449.5 sq.m. MOU and a 69.1 sq.m. apartment on "Vladayska" Street in the capital. In 2013, Borislav and Ksenia Belazelkovi were assignors in a transaction with the same properties, and the persons in question still owe them. In 2017, the contractual mortgage was deleted, according to the judge's entry in the land registry.


Prochee Belazelkov is the proud owner of several apartments in the top center of Sofia, as well as in the bar district "Lozenets". Some were subsequently sold, others are jointly owned with Ksenia and third parties, but still, in terms of housing, he is more than satisfied, to the chagrin of his envious.


At the end of this material, we want to emphasize again that wealth is not a vice, when behind it are years of work and legal experience. We are also yet to clarify the nature of the property cases between Aeropak Engineering and the Belazelkovs.

Despite the many conventions, what stands out is the fact that while Judge Belazelkov imposes court practice in favor of the PEA, his sister – the notary Belazelkova, becomes a real property queen precisely with the help of the PEA. Coincidence? We don't think so.

Source: crimesbg.com

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