The Criminal Persona Vassil Ivanov Mihaylov, Who Has Been Having Police Registrations for Kidnapping and Extortion for Years, about whom We Have Already Told You How Two Classes of High School Graduat...
The Criminal Persona Vassil Ivanov Mihaylov, Who Has Been Having Police Registrations for Kidnapping and Extortion for Years, about whom We Have Already Told You How Two Classes of High School Graduat...

Vassil Mihaylov has a real boutique full of original clothes by the famous brand Polo Ralph Lauren in his house on 28 “Bistrishko Street” Str. Clothes are original but their import is not. They arrive in packages from Canada, sent by Mihaylov’s brother who has been living there for years.

In fact, this is how big profits are traded, without any commercial registration - 100 percent smuggling. There are no taxes, no duties are paid and the cash register is an unfamiliar thing. Boxes with items arrive that turn into easy money. Together with his wife Marusya Popova Mihaylov dress some of the famous Sofia thugs with stamps t-shirts, sweaters and bags. Among his clients there are former mutts, turned into current businessmen, as well as doctors and hoteliers.Among the buyers stand out the names of several aging gangster mistresses – who advertise the illegal boutique, which have undergone many improvements in their appearance, who are supposedly engaged in "charity".

Thus, in a member state of the European Union, literally under the nose of the NRA and Customs Agency, one person continues to amass criminal proceeds way, without the treasury receiving a penny from him. The tax people pretend they do not see anything because some of them are his clients with special discounts, and customs officers calculate the monthly profit is over

BGN 50,000. Such a turnover can be envied by any decent trader, who pays all duties and taxes. According to acquaintances, this amount is increased with Mihailov's income from the fakes that come from Turkish garage manufactories with labels of Versace, Fendi, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana… Customers who have bought from the illegal import of the Polo brand Ralph Lauren, quickly fell in love with other fashion rags and so on the counterfeit business has started to bloom. And these shipments come as personal supplies, with parcels, and in the fiscal did not enter again and penny from the sale of luxury goods. Both tax and customs officers are in the scheme in addition to Mihaylov’s relatives - a closed circle of customers.

The appetite that has come with the clothing trade and customer contacts has given Vassil Mihaylov another idea for a market niche. This is the trade in the branded whiskey samples that have collector's value. It turns out that real connoisseurs of this drink, as well as newly hatched rich people are willing to pay crazy money for to fill their collections with certain brands and blends that are difficult to find not only in our country, but even on the free market in Great Britain. This is exactly what Mihailov is guided by. In the online space where everything can be found and sold auctions for single collectible rare whiskey bottles are regularly held. Often the bidding reaches fabulous prices.

However, this is not the case with Vassil Mihaylov. A small bottle of alcohol bought by him in a rage bidding on the Internet aged for years in our country is sold at double and triple price to pseudo-collectors for whom it is pride to show their guests walls - windows with arranged shutters whiskey. Thus, Mihaylov plays in virtual auctions and sells alcohol real with at least 100 percent markup.

The profits from this illegal activity are beginning to reach and even exceed those from the clothing boutique. In front of his friends Mihaylov even shared that he had to turn the collector's alcohol trade into main activity. Of course, without abandoning the distribution of fake alcohol with the otherwise famous brand of vodka Mont Blanc.

It remains to be seen how the authorities will react. Mihaylov's business is test for NRA and customs. A test for a schange…



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