Nora Ananieva’s Son-In-Law Rumen Georgiev Beats Up A Debtor In the Heart of Sofia. Cobra Squad Arrests Him

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Nora Ananieva’s Son-In-Law Rumen Georgiev Beats Up A Debtor In the Heart of Sofia. Cobra Squad Arrests Him

The former insurance boss has created a moneylending business together with his brother Andrey. Blago The Jesus complains they have stolen his house

The late Nora Ananieva’s Son-In-Law Rumen Georgiev has been arrested in a spectacular Cobra Squad Action, sources from the Ministry of Interior claim. The arrest has happened in the very heart of the Sofia street ‘Vitoshka’ and the claims are murder attempt, beating, illegal arrest and many more.

The Cobra Squad team surrounded the office of his fast loan financial house Logos TM and lead the two brothers out in handcuffs in front of stunned passers-by.

The reason for the invasion of the Cobra Squad at 94 "Vitosha" Blvd. is that Rumen Georgiev inflicted a monstrous beating on the person R.A.E., who is his debtor, in broad daylight. The victim was summoned to the moneylender's office, and there, along with several thick-necked mutts from Georgiev's brigade, he was literally beaten nearly to death. R. A. E. managed to break free and escaped, reporting to the police about his brutal abuse.

For months, Rumen and Andrey Georgievi brothers, using techniques borrowed from the 1990s, forced the debtor to hand over his profitable business to them through threats of kidnapping and murder. Numerous other reports have been filed against them for illegal distribution of fast loans, usury, fraud, extortion, etc.

Despite the serious accusations, Georgiev is currently freed, and he continues to carry out his money-lending business unhindered, and the investigation against him and his brother is stalling, according to the capital's "6th September" street. According to our sources, the most likely reason for this is his deep connections at the top of power, inherited from the nomenclatural times when his father and ex-mother-in-law slaughtered and hanged in the country.

Rumen Georgiev has become notorious for his demonstrative expulsion from a leading insurance company because of major financial abuses, embezzlement and outright theft on a particularly large scale. Evil tongues add that only his nomenclatural ancestry and fat bank accounts saved him from prosecution at the time. On the other hand, his reputation is severely damaged, and the doors of banks and insurance companies are forever closed to him.

According to well-informed sources of the "Gallery" newspaper, he carries out the frauds with the help of an entire army of mistresses and concubines who do the dirty work. One of his lovers is a young and unknown insurance woman from the same company. He made a separate insurance agency for her, under the auspices of the parent company, which he still manages. So the two started stealing customers and draining the company.

The financier's swindle is finely crafted, the newspaper's sources add. The sister of Rumen Georgiev's mistress was also a broker in the insurance company. She vigorously began transferring corporate clients to the new agency and literally threatened them that she would create stumbling blocks for them in the future.

At the same time, Rumen Georgiev is tied to several auto repair shops, which to this day pay him generous commissions. In the summer of 2011, he and his relative were caught embezzling funds from the insurance company. Sanctions and a disgraceful dismissal followed, but apparently they did not scare Nora Ananieva's son-in-law, who started a moneylending business with the stolen money and opened the Logos TM financial house.

One of his most famous clients is the football star Blagoy Georgiev, known as Blago The Jesus. Because of his numerous divorces, the footlballer runs short for money and pawns his luxurious villa in Boyana. Although he pays his installments fairly well, Rumen Georgiev's mutts force him to transfer it to them and literally throw Jesus out on the street, his memorable teammates recall.

In addition to debtors, Rumen Georgiev had a habit of beating the women who served him sexually, capital's gossipers says. One of his tender victims was called Nadia, but was better known in social circles as Nancy. The financier in love built a secret love nest especially for her in the luxurious "Maxi" complex near Simeonovo. However, the romance ended unexpectedly - Nancy cut off her benefactor because he refused to formalize their relationship.

After she was forced to leave the luxury home she was beaten and disfigured beyond recognition by "unknown assailants", for which she filed a complaint with the police. The report described in detail how she was suffocated, her body was cut with a knife and kicked in the stomach and groin. Georgiev was concerned that she might be pregnant and insisted that the mutts induce an abortion through the monstrous beating.

The millionaire usurer did not suffer for long and started a new affair - this time not only with a love, but also with a business flavor.

Rumen Georgiev’s first wife was with the daughter of the red activist Nora Ananieva. His second marriage was with Ms Bulgaria 2000 Maggie Valtchanova who run away from the brutal aggressor very quickly.



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