Hristo Kovachki Has Met With Neil Bush and Global Technological Leaders

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Hristo Kovachki Has Met With Neil Bush and Global Technological Leaders

Hristo Kovachki has had a meeting with Neil Bush and his global advisors, who work to help the world reduce carbon emissions. US company PANGEA and the Chinese JET has collaborated to gain a significant try of reducing emissions from conventional power plants and their technological solutions have achieved over 70% reducing of greenhouse gases.


This technology is innovative for Bulgaria but it is well known and well respected around the world. Zero-waste technology has a high added value – it helps producing clean energy and obtaining fertilizers for agriculture, as an end product of the decarbonization process.


Neil Bush is the founder and chairman of the foundation named after his father, American President George Herbert Walker Bush - "George H. W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations", working for the development of relations between the United States and China and is known for his philanthropic and charity work around the world.


The meeting discussed the benefits of the implementation of modern technology in Bulgarian power plants that show interest, as the innovation offers an extremely effective solution to achieve a smoother transformation.


"Neil Bush in collaboration with Dan Biz and Chao Lee provide a workable solution for Bulgarian coal plants. What's more, the innovative technology that captures emissions by means of ammonium sulfate generates a waste product - fertilizer. This means that the plants can produce clean energy and provide fertilizers for agriculture - restarting energy and adding value to agriculture. I hope that more Bulgarian headquarters will benefit from the experience of globally established companies. The impressive opportunity will give a new vision for the Bulgarian energy sector, sustainable development and the security of the system will continue to be guaranteed," said Hristo Kovachki.


After this meeting, Hristo Kovachki was able to reach an agreement with the companies PANGEA and JET to consult a pilot project in a Bulgarian headquarters.


"It was an honor for me to be trusted by companies with so much experience - a leading global integrator of climate technology. I hope this meeting is only the first step of a long-term cooperation," Hristo Kovachki adds.

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