Higher Parking Fees for SUVs in Paris
Higher Parking Fees for SUVs in Paris

Paris city hall has approved a measure to impose higher parking fees on owners of SUVs as part of efforts to reduce pollution in the capital. The exact details of the charges have not been announced, but factors such as the vehicle's size, weight, and motor will be taken into consideration. The increased fees are set to come into effect on January 1, 2024.


Electric vehicles and larger cars used by families are expected to be exempt from the higher charges. The measure aims to address the growing prevalence of SUVs in Paris, which has seen a 60% increase in the number of SUVs over the past four years. Currently, SUVs make up 15% of the 1.15 million private vehicles parked in Paris each evening.


The decision to raise parking fees for SUVs was approved by Paris councillors in a unanimous vote. The proposal was put forward by the EELV ecology party, with the objective of addressing what they perceive as an issue of "auto-besity" caused by the increasing size and weight of vehicles in urban areas, particularly in Paris.


Officials hope that by increasing parking fees, they can discourage the ownership of SUVs and encourage the use of lighter vehicles. Deputy Mayor David Belliard, responsible for public space and mobility policy, stated that SUVs are incongruous in the urban environment, lacking off-road paths or mountain roads. He also expressed concerns about their safety, size, and the excessive resources required for their manufacturing.

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