Gaza Latest News: ‘Safe Routes’ are Being Bombed
Gaza Latest News: ‘Safe Routes’ are Being Bombed

A tragic event took place in Gaza, with a deadly airstrike hitting a convoy of fleeing civilians. The airstrike occurred on Salah-al-Din Road, one of the two routes identified by the Israeli army as "safe routes" for civilians trying to evacuate the northern half of Gaza. This event resulted in a reported 70 casualties, including women and children.

Forensic Architecture, an investigative unit at the Palestinian human rights organization al-Haq, used aerial photos and social media posts to determine the location of the strike. The BBC's Verify unit also arrived at the same conclusion. The discrepancy in the timing of the airstrike on a supposed safe route and the IDF's communication of safe passage has led many people in northern Gaza to question the safety of leaving their homes.

The IDF stated that it follows international law and takes precautions to minimize harm to civilians, including urging civilians to relocate to southern Gaza. However, they declined to comment on the specific details of the incident.

This tragic event underscores the challenges and risks faced by civilians in conflict zones and highlights the importance of accurate and timely information to ensure their safety.

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