Elon Musk is Attacking Wikipedia. Why?
Elon Musk is Attacking Wikipedia. Why?

The distinction between the "good internet" and the "bad internet" is an important and relevant topic in the digital age. This passage highlights the idea of using the internet and online platforms for constructive, socially beneficial purposes (civic tech) versus more negative and divisive purposes, like spreading misinformation, hate, and promoting sensationalism.

Wikipedia and Facebook serve as contrasting examples of how online platforms can be used. Wikipedia, a crowdsourced encyclopedia, is known for its collaborative, fact-based, and trustworthy nature. It relies on a community of volunteers who work together to create a valuable resource.

In contrast, Facebook, a social media platform, has faced criticism for its role in spreading disinformation, promoting echo chambers, and fostering divisive content. The passage suggests that if we can understand why these two projects have evolved so differently, we might find a way to shape the future of the internet in a more positive direction.

The author implies that some form of regulation or socialization might be necessary to turn the internet into a more constructive and community-oriented space. This could involve efforts to combat misinformation, promote digital literacy, and encourage platforms to prioritize more positive and constructive content.

The mention of contributing to Wikipedia by supporting it financially is a call to action for individuals to recognize the value of platforms that aim to provide reliable and accessible information and to actively support them. It highlights the role that individual actions can play in shaping the online environment.

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