An Alert to the Anti-Corruption Fund: Red Feudal Lord Gennady Todorov – A King of European Projects in Pleven. He Used to buy Gypsy Votes with EU Money. His Father-in-law Pocketed Nearly Half a Millio...

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An Alert to the Anti-Corruption Fund: Red Feudal Lord Gennady Todorov – A King of European Projects in Pleven. He Used to buy Gypsy Votes with EU Money. His Father-in-law Pocketed Nearly Half a Millio...

The social worker pressured mayors and civil servants in Pleven to implement empty projects. His wife's foundation "Via Humanica" won BGN 231,621.60 for round tables and surveys. His "grandfather" Vencislav Hinov is the boss of soft measures in the region. Collected BGN 429,000 under programs for the unemployed through "Inkoms" EOOD


Why does Europe pour millions into the integration of the Roma and the unemployed, while they sink into misery and illiteracy? This almost rhetorical question is answered by a signal with the number 049316072595 3202 sent to the Eumoney.bg platform. He is related to the BSP-Pleven municipal councilor Gennady Todorov, whose wife Anita Hinova and his father-in-law Vencislav Hinov have won European projects for the integration of the Roma and the training of the unemployed in the respectable value of nearly BGN 700,000 through the "Via Humanica" foundation and "Inkoms" EOOD.

The authors of the complaint claim that instead of making the Roma literate and supporting the teachers in the difficult task of educating illiterate, asocial and extremely poor gypsies, the European money was spent by the moneyless Gennady Todorov to buy Roma votes in the municipalities of Gulyantsi, Knezha, as well as in the villages of the region Pleven. Whether the data will find confirmation remains to be seen.


Our check in the register of non-profit entities shows that for the not particularly modest amount of BGN 231,621.60, the wife of the mayor Gennady Todorov really undertakes to conduct a total of 6 trainings for 175 people - teachers, principals and other pedagogical specialists from five partner schools from the North-West region and 5 educational mediators. The duration of the project is 35 months. In his declaration to the KPCONPI, Todorov himself indicated that until 2019, when he was elected to the Pleven local parliament from the list of the BSP, he was in the governing bodies of the NGO.

From publications in the media, where by law the foundation is obliged to promote its activities, it is clear that the project is primarily aimed at the poor and densely populated municipality of Gypsies, and two working meetings were held on it with the money of European taxpayers in 2020 and a round table on the issues of Roma integration, the European Sports Day, the "Faith, Hope and Love" holiday, as well as Bango Vasil, were celebrated.

A simple calculation shows that each of the events organized by "Via Humanica" in the poorest region of the country cannot exceed BGN 1,000, together with the mandatory catering. Even if we assume that the expense was directly about 2 grand per event, the total amount spent does not exceed BGN 10-12 thousand, and BGN 231,621.60 is absorbed. But let's return to the specifics of the signal.


The Eumoney site was created by the founders of the Anti-Corruption Fund so that citizens can anonymously and literally with one click of the mouse provide information about irregularities with European funding in our country. At the same time, without fearing that local feudal lords with the money and party influence of Gennady Todorov will beat them for revenge.

In the complaint, a copy of which arrived at our editorial mail, it is stated verbatim that: "This foundation is owned by the municipal councilor from BSP-Pleven Gennady Todorov and is managed by his wife Anita Vencislavova Hinova. The foundation uses funds for the so-called integration of minority groups (mainly from the Roma ethnic group) and migrants. If you look at the sums absorbed and compare them with the actions carried out, you will see that it is a large-scale drain of European funds with fictitious activities. The degree of functional illiteracy among adolescent Roma in Pleven is over 95 %. The results of the activity of "Via Humanika" are close to zero. We have information that the money absorbed from European programs is used by the husband of Anita Hinova - Gennady Todorov to buy Roma votes in the municipalities of the Pleven region and in particular Gulyantsi and Knezha in favor of Todorov, who is an activist and BSP functionary.Instead of giving money for real training, literacy, socialization and integration of the Roma, assimilated that money from "Via Humanica" is given "on the fly" to Roma families during local and parliamentary elections," claims the anonymous sender.

Todorov's wife won and is implementing a project entitled MOTIVATION AND MEDIATION IN DIVERSITY - PEDAGOGICAL SPECIALISTS IN INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE under the program "Science and Education for Intelligent Growth". Its goals are "Increasing the professional competences of teachers, principals and other pedagogical specialists from five partner schools from the North-West region for working in a multicultural environment and for teaching knowledge and forming skills in students to perceive ethno-cultural differences".


At the same time, her father and Todorov's father-in-law - Ventsislav Hinov, was taxed with nearly half a million BGN from numerous programs for the retraining of unemployed persons in Pleven. He received the biggest subsidies for the so-called training of the unemployed - BGN 162 thousand in 2020 and BGN 108,240 for 2021, according to a reference in the Employment Agency that we have. Approximately BGN 20 thousand. on the other hand, they entered the account of the "grandfather" and the so-called "Education of people with permanent disabilities".

Our sources from Pleven, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that Gennady Todorov really enjoys the sympathy of the gypsies and the unemployed from the municipalities of Gulyantsi and Knezha, and the hamlets of Pleven. This love materializes in favor of BSP especially during elections. At the last parliamentary vote, the red mayor campaigned more than passionately for the MP Iliyan Yonchev from the Left. He, for his part, scored an expressive victory in the Roma sections, overtaking both his fellow party members and the deputies of GERB and PP in the district in terms of preferences. Whether this love is paid for with the money of the European taxpayers, who finance 85% of the project of his wife Antoineta Hinova and a solid share of his father-in-law's subsidies, is a question of the competences of the repressive and judicial authorities.


Whether the gypsies in Gulyantsi municipality have become more literate and integrated under the patronage of "Via Humanica" is evident with the naked eye from the reports on students who left the education system in 2020 and 2021.


Unemployment in the Pleven region is one of the highest on a national scale, and those who have been laid off and who have permanently lost their livelihood are sufficiently educated and professionally suitable, but there is a lack of jobs. And the money for trainings is nothing more than investments in corruption and personal gain.


Is it possible that the red mayor Gennady Todorov used his party authority in front of mayors from Pleven region and employees from the Employment Agency and MTSP to work with the NGO of his wife and father-in-law, is an equally rhetorical question.


I hope that at least the pubs in Pleven have been relieved of the catering costs, and that the swarthy and unemployed residents have eaten on their stomachs during the many work meetings and round tables, as Gennady Todorov himself likes to eat.



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