The Girl Who Called Putin a “Psycho”Found Dead in a Suitcase (What Happened to the Model Gretta Wedler?)


The Russian model Gretta Wedler was found dead and her body put in a suitcase.

She disappeared about a year ago from a hotel in Moscow. That happened only a month after she had called Vladimir Putin a “psycho”. However it seems that her murder has nothing to do with the president. It is her boyfriend who is accused with the murder.

They both had a difficult relationship. She told her friends that her boyfriend stole 150 thousand rubles from her, and then began to pursue and threaten her. As a result, Vedler temporarily moved to the hotel for security reasons.

Throughout the year, the police and volunteers were looking for the girl, and now, the tragic news came. The model’s body was found dead in a suitcase that was hidden in the trunk of the car. The car was parked on the street in the city of Lipetsk. Sources say that the body stayed in the truck of the car for the whole year the model has been reported missing.

Source: Daily Mail



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