Kremlin Stands behind Judge Atanaska Disheva? Is Her Husband Involved in Property Scams together with Moscow Oligarch Podluzhskiy


Our sources from the magistrates asked us to check up, let us politely call it an extravagant statement addressed to judge and member of the SJC Atanaska Disheva, who is publicly connected to Ivo Prokopiev and Hristo Ivanov.

According to rumours spread around Courthouse the Contitutional judge-to-be is economically and politically dependent on Russian capitals, coming from Vladimir Putin’s circle. The not very thin red thread between judge Disheva and the whole circle of Russian oligarchs comes through her husband – Varna lawyer and a successful business man Genadiy Marinov Dishev. The same sources who have access to solid info resources are strongly convinced that her husband has covered up a large financial and property scam, conceived and masterfully executed by a group of foreign citizens of Jewish descent, associated with the Moscow oligarch Vasily Nikolaevich Podluzhsky.

According to Kremlin’s data in his homeland, he owns the mastodons “Richworld”, “Stavr” and “Stein Kraft”, closely related to food business and food trade in the Russian Federation. In Bulgaria, in the heyday of the Triple Coalition, he, along with Mordechai Kirschenbaum, Rinat Gilbter and Josef Steinman, registered many companies in the construction industry, including SL Invest AD and Europort BG EAD, as well as the infamous Russian Logistics company – RLC “, involved in Bulgarian companies under investigation for VAT from food, grain, dairy and local products through fictitious exports and other qualified practices. SL Invest had specialized in attracting money from foreign investors, who subsequently not only saw no return, but were forced to pity the unwisely invested Phoenician signs.

Europort BG was dealing mainly with logistics, which witnesses claim was mainly in the provision of fictitious offices for people from the circle of fraudsters to make their endeavors seem plausible and reliable.

The conciliator of the Kremlin schemers was the lawyer Gennady Dishev himself. Due to his strong position in the judiciary, acquired with the help of his wife, the Varna lawyer had to protect the Russian-Jewish bosses from criminal prosecution in his native land. He was also the mastermind of financial transactions ending in the liquidation of companies. This thesis is confirmed by documents in the commercial register, indicating that Gennady Dishev was elected liquidator of SL Invest AD and Airport BG EAD. And one of the partners in the non-existent enterprises, Rinat Gilbter, is directly connected with the Russian Logistics Company – RLK, which has also long since been liquidated. In the light of the allegations made this way, we urge Magistrate Atanaska Disheva and her husband to give public explanations about the accuracy of the information presented this way and their connection to the above-mentioned persons. This connection is fully described in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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