Delyan Peevski: Minister Vassilev’s Lies Have Gone Too Far Away from Normality!


In the recent couple of days we have been witnessing another defamation campaign created by the oligarchic circle around “Capital” and its political marionette puppets in the governing party. A campaign in which my name is involved over again.

I am well aware of the fact they are following the mantra “everyday something new about Peevski” no matter how elementary the lie they are fabricating is. However, the Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev’s statements, made in in the Nova TV show “On Focus” that he has confidential information regarding pressure from my side against a private company, are absolutely petrifying and are far away from normality!

This manipulation, publically spoken by a member of the supreme executive jurisdiction, has undoubtedly hit the bottom of degradation in every way possible – both moral and political. I am convinced that just like all other previous attempts of the “Capital” circle and its marionette puppets to publically discredit me, the latest manipulation will also fade in time because it is only a product of the sick imagination of people for whom truth does not matter for a long long time.

These people will soon or later figure out that they cannot hide forever behind lies and manipulations. And that a time will come when society will ask them to pay the bill for everything they have done in harm to Bulgaria. And when that happens the attempts to hide their political impotence and their own law violations with the mantra “Peevski” will no longer be able to happen.

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