Bulgarian progressive society will become a victim of a dirty scandal for a woman between the two NGO leaders – Georgi Georgiev from BOEC Civil Movement and the head of the Anti Corruption Fund Nikolay Staykov


“The apple of discord” is the Bulgarian political PR manager Vesislava Tancheva

Nasty and cynical scandals are being waged by the anti-corruption society in Bulgaria disgusting former supporters of the BOEC and the Anti Corruption Fund (ACF) reported. (Editor’s note: the translation of the word BOEC from Bulgarian means a Fighter. The NGO BOEC represents itself as a fighter against corruption, political and judicial arbitrariness in Bulgaria)

Threats of beatings, secret recordings and sex compromising materials were the main news from the so called progressive political movements in Bulgaria in the last two months. The leader of NGO BOEC Georgi Georgiev was sinking deeper and deeper into cocaine addiction and love grief, our informers report.

Since declaring themselves “election winners”, the bosses of the two NGOs have indulged in debauchery and intrigue, spending money on their shady sponsors from Serbia and Dubai. While forming a “common pre-election front against corruption”, Georgi Georgiev and the right hand of the media mogul and oligarch Ivo Prokopiev – Nikolay Staykov turned out to be “players in a same bed”. The interception took place in the boudoir of Vesislava Tancheva – a communication expert, activist of BOEC Civil Movement and PR of the failed presidential candidate Lozan Panov.

Despite her massive figure and masculine physique, Tancheva was a real glutton in sex and, according to evil tongues, had presented herself in the beds of a whole galaxy of journalists, TV stars and photographers. She is one of the most active participants in all the political protests in Bulgaria arranged by BOEC That’s why the NGO’s chairman Georgi Georgiev himself defined her as irreplaceable person. The common cause and the illness of Georgiev’s wife brought them together, and the compassionate Vesislava used “the drought” in Georgi’s family bed to offer her hot and hungry for passion body. Thus, the anti-corruption cause grew into perverted sex if we believe her boasting. She defined the seemingly crazy Georgi as a real sex monster, insatiable for her caresses.

Their passion flared up most during the summer anti-government protests in 2020. They both indulged in their passion almost every night in the tents of Orlov Most Blvd, that was one of the main scenes of the protests.This fact explained why Tancheva appeared in front of the cameras in the same filthy clothes days after days. She simply did not have time to go to her posh penthouse situated in the Sofia Centre to put on a new outfit.

In addition to serving the flesh of her boss, Tancheva took over the entire management of BOEC. In her hands fell the fund with fat donations from the hazard oligarch Vasil Bozhkov, as well as all online channels for communication of the NGO. In short, she ran the organization and boasted that the authorities could not touch her because influential Jewish figures close to the Mossad were behind her. Which is perhaps not only the fruit of her rich imagination, as she has never been in the sights of the local security services.

Using Georgi Georgiev’s connections with the Dubai returnee Vasil Bozhkov, she succeeded to become an official PR along with the favorite of Vasil Bozhkov Ivet Dobromirova in the election campaign of Lozan Panov and Maria Kasimova-Moase. This was a turning point in her intimate biography, because as an image-maker of exodus number 1, she had started a series of official meetings with the head of the Anti-Corruption Fund Nikolai Staykov. The aim was to persuade Prokopiev’s lobby to withdraw their support for the general Rumen Radev and to side with Panov. Little by little, erotic sparks had flew between Vesislava and Nikolay Staykov and they two quickly found themselves in a horizontal position even before the official start of the campaign.

Their rendezvous has become more frequent, and Tancheva has realized that the lustrous Staykov is a much better match than the infamous provincialist Georgi. Unscrupulously, the aging buzzard told her boss about the bedtime affair, saying she would provide a sum of new right-wing votes. Instead of appreciating her sacrifice, Georgiev fell into a rage and only Tancheva’s large body saved her from physical assault. To soothe his grief, Georgiev began to reach for the glass more than often. He also held a lit of “operational meetings” with the drug dealers of The Skull from the underground organization called Sofia-West, who in addition to valuable information from the street, supplied Georgi with white powdered substances to soothe his pain of love.

Dependence on the “white” triggered a zealous paranoia in the head of the BOEC, and his voluptuous vodka drew more and more insane scenarios, which he willingly spread to the uncritical and sympathetic media. The sexual drought, on the other hand, triggered unsuspected hyperactivity in the form of visits to parliament, TV appearances and daily signals to undercover and foreign institutions. Its purpose was to overshadow the revelations of the Anti-Corruption Fund and to show to his beloved Vesislava that he was the more promising candidate for her bed.

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