Travel insurance warning after Briton handed £300,000 holiday bill - why was this?

HOLIDAYS can be an expensive experience yet for one female traveller, she returned home with a jaw-dropping bill significantly higher than the cost of her vacation. This has sparked a travel warning for 8.6 million Britons - but why is this?

Holidays often leave Britons with a sunshine feeling and vacation vibes long after departure from their chosen getaway destination. Yet for one female traveller, her holiday heaven turned to holiday hell. According to ABTA, the 50 year old was landed with an eye-watering £300,000 medical bill during her vacation to Mexico earlier this year. She travelled to the North American destination in March and was put into an induced coma after suffering pneumonia and bronchiolitis.

Yet the female, from West Brom, was dealt the shocking bill when her travel insurer said she did not disclose an inhaler prescription beforehand.

Therefore, despite the fact she had protection, the firm wouldn’t cover her £300,000 medical bill.

This has prompted the travel agent body to issue a stark warning to fellow Britons travelling overseas in 2019, especially as 8.6 million have not yet taken out a travel insurance policy.

Its research flags how almost two-fifths (38 per cent) do not have travel insurance for their trip.

Mark Tanzer Chief Executive of ABTA – The Travel Association said: “Millions of holidaymakers are heading off abroad each year either without the right travel insurance in place - or without any insurance at all.

Holidays 2019: Britons have been urged to take note after a traveller was landed with a £300,000 bill

Holidays 2019: Britons have been urged to take note after a traveller was landed with a £300,000 bil (Image: Getty)

“This leaves people at risk of having to pay significant medical costs or even facing delays in their treatment.

“Our message is clear - don’t take the risk, take out travel insurance and make sure it covers you for your circumstances and holiday plans.

“It’s also really important holidaymakers carry a copy of their insurance on them at all times, as well as leaving a copy with family or friends back home.

“That way they’ll be able to contact their insurer quickly and without hassle, should they need to.”

Julia Longbottom, Director of Consular of Services at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office added: “Most people enjoy trouble-free holidays overseas.

“However, I am concerned by these new figures showing that many British holidaymakers continue to travel without insurance. “The risks are very clear.

"You could find yourself paying out thousands of pounds in medical bills if you don’t have insurance.

“It’s important to know the FCO cannot help fund medical bills if you or a family member are taken ill or hospitalised when abroad.”

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