"The Art of Building Bridges" reveals the Family Business as a global remedy for the economy

Large-scale investment in unraveling the Covid-19 genome has put one of the Family Business Network founder - the Bulgarian philanthropist and Patron of the Arts Petar Mandjoukov among the most significant charity leaders

The 31st Global Summit of FBN, whose theme is « The Art of Building Bridges in Family Business” will take place in Budapest, Hungary between the 13th and the 16th of October 2021. What better way to understand the importance of bridges than where two towns, Buda and Pest, have been united by one of the largest and most beautiful bridges in the world. In the family business, bridges are conceptual structures that allow us to safely pass over a gap or an obstacle and enable access, explained the organisers of the event. The bridge that has helped humanity get through the severe health crisis of 2020 is charity. And family business companies are leaders in corporate social responsibility, according to a study conducted by PWC.

The art of empathy is the bridge that connects business, science, medicine, culture, and spirituality, commented the entrepreneur, philanthropist, and honorary Consul of Uzbekistan in Bulgaria- Petar Mandjoukov. His foundation has lent a hand to Bulgarian science, donating a high-tech laboratory in molecular biology. Thanks to his support, Bulgarian scientists are on the verge of a key breakthrough in the Covid-19 genome. It is no coincidence that the topic that the Bulgarian Association of Family Business, which is founded by him will present in the 31st Global Summit is “Family business and science in the fight against COVID-19".

The Bulgarian philanthropist Petar Mandjukov donated a hi-tech laboratory for molecular genetics to fight Covid-19

Apart from being an entrepreneur, the European public knows Mandjukov as a fan of the fine arts. The businessman and his foundation have invested millions of euros in cultural projects. He donated € 400,000 to study the art of the ancient Thracians and the Thracian cultural heritage in Europe. Thanks to his help, the poems of one of the most cosmopolitan Bulgarian poets Peyo Yavorov will be presented in London soon. Along with the poems, the British art connoisseurs will enjoy an exhibition of marine artists, funded by the Bulgarian philanthropist.